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Looking for A Pet

If you are looking to purchase a House of Valais lamb as a pet, wethers are the best option. Wethers do not have hormonal fluctuations giving them the best temperament, therefore making them most suitable as pets. We HIGHLY recommend the purchase of a wether as a pet and/or introduction to the Valais breed – for those showing an interest in breeding. Percentage of Valais and gender will impact the overall cost to purchase a Valais Black Nose lamb.


I Want to Breed Valais

While you can see the line breeding in using our rams, this is why our emphasis is on outcrosses for ewes in our program. We firmly believe in line breeding done correctly and not inbreeding. For instance, father to daughter or sibling breeding is not okay with us as it unethical breeding practices.

Line breeding is done with careful breeding on bloodlines for good results. Inbreeding is careless, lazy, and often leads to very poor results – such as health issues and reproductive problems.

We emphasize that you be a conscientious and humane breeder and do right by the animals you purchase from reputable breeders in creating your breeding program.

breed up program


House of the Valais have chosen to use Wensleydale, Gotland, Bluefaced Leicester, Cotswold, and Southdown Babydoll as their foundation ewes in the breeding up program, due to their having similar constitution to the Valais. Our ewes are mated with a pure registered Valais ram and the resulting offspring is referred to as an F1. F1 ewes can then be mated with a Valais ram, resulting in F2 offspring, so on until F5. 

Generation Crosses

First crosses using foundation ewes and a Purebred Registered ram are referred to as the F1 (generation 1) i.e. 50% VBN. Second crossed are the F2 (generation 2) i.e. 75% VBN, third crosses F3 (generation 3) i.e. 87% VBN, fourth crosses F4 (generation 4) i.e. 93.75% VBN and fifth cross (after 5 consecutive breeding seasons of the programme) are F5 (generation 5) i.e. 96.88% VBN.


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