Our main man was born in 2021, Atticus was sired by Rose Creek Prinz Eugene and Remarkable Adalyne of New Zealand. This purebred ram has a strong Swiss pedigree.

Atticus stands 30″ at the withers and weighs more than 200 lbs, carrying a nicely balanced horn, symetriucal and spaced comfortably out from his head. From the ground up, this ram has good hooves, great leg bones, nice legs and chest which carries his proud neck and strong back. 

Atticus has thrown strong Valais traits with close to 100 offspring – providing us with several quality lambs from which to judge. Not just a pretty face, he is backing it up with great prodginy. 

We have handpicked ewe lambs sired by Atticus over the last few lambing seasons (spring & fall) to build our flock. We have let a couple of stand out ram lambs to lease to other farms.


Black Nose Sheep Ram
Augustus Valais Blacknose Ram


A 2021 ram from pure valais, sired by Parkdale Basil and Remarkable Bea. This sweet ram left us too soon in life. He blessed us with a handful of ewes to remind us of his gentle nature and strong swiss bloodlines. RIP our dear, sweet, gentle giant. He was a fantastic ambassador to our program and has left a big hole to those who were fortunate enough to have met him. (2021-2023)


Black Sheep Ranch Hollywood was born 2023 on “Valais of Lovers Lane”. This stunning young ram is turning heads with his great top tine and compact frame. We can’t wait to see this young ram grow out and see what he will bring to the ranch. Sired by Parkdale Crackers and out of Chloe. Parkdale Crackers is a Prendwick Basil and Pendwick Bell (sired by Pendwick Eros). Chloe is sired by Remarkable Albert and Remarkable Amelia of Highland, Montana.

Hollywood Valais Blacknose Ram
Rocky Valais Blacknose Ram

Rocky (aka Rock Star)

Born at Celtic Cross Farms in 2022, Rocky is a purebred ram, born in the US. Rockey was sired by two purebred Valais, Celtic Cross Farms Captain and Celtic Cross Farms Heidi. We felt that Rocky has the Celtic Cross enough to build upon what our other rams have started for our program. 


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